Wholesale suppliers of Jarapas – Spanish handmade rugs

If you are looking for quality, ethical and environmentally friendly products to sell online, in your shop or at markets or festivals, our handmade Jarapa rugs are ideal. They offer a very attractive, original and practical product with great profit margins. Also to complement our range of handwoven rugs, we now make cushion covers, beach mats and throws.

Age-long recycling tradition
These striking rugs are called Jarapas and have been made in Andalucía since the Christian Reconquest in 1492, when the Spanish took over the many looms left by the Moors and put them to their own use: instead of silk weaving, they used different old clothes or rags which were then cut into strips, tied together, and rolled onto spools to weave rugs or blankets. These area rugs are still being hand-woven on looms by local craftspeople in Andalucía, following the same age-long recycling tradition.

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Why sell our Spanish handmade rugs?

Ethical rugs
Hand-woven in Andalusia by artisans preserving local craftsmanship and livelihood.

Environmentally friendly rugs
Handmade using recycled material.

Machine washable rugs
Great ease of care and use.

Hardwearing Rugs
They last wash after wash.

High quality rugs
Beautifully hand-woven using quality recycled material.

Suit all tastes
Extensive range of colours and styles.

Eye catching
Make instant eye pleasing displays.