Andalucian Rugs - wholesale suppliers of Jarapas - Spanish handmade rugs

Wholesale suppliers of Jarapas – Spanish handmade rugs

Andalucian Rugs © Azteck cream and beige eco Spanish handmade rug

Spanish handmade rugs wholesaler

Are you looking for quality, ethical and eco rugs to sell online, in your shop or at markets or festivals?

Our sustainable handmade rugs are ideal!
Attractive, environmentally friendly, machine washable and hardwearing,
they offer great profit margins too.

We also make cushion covers, beach mats and throws to complement our range of Spanish handmade rugs.

Andalucian Rugs © Turquoise and cream Andina style eco-friendly handmade hall runner

Eco-friendly rugs

Our sustainable rugs are made with the left-over material from the local textile industry.

An added bonus to using recycled material is that the colours keep changing and follow the seasons trends.

They also last for a very long time and can be recycled again at the end of their life cycle!

We believe every little step counts to protect our planet and are delighted to bring you home decor that cares for the environment and helps living a more sustainable life.

Ethical rugs

Our recycled rugs are hand-woven in a small village in Andalusia by local artisans preserving local craftsmanship and livelihood as well as village life.

We are passionate about people and their wellbeing and feel that this human quality is transmitted in each and every rug being made.

Andalucian Rugs © Terracotta and cream Andina style ethical rug with terracotta floor cushion
Andalucian Rugs © Berbere and Rombo reversible machine washable rugs

Machine washable rugs

Made mostly with recycled cotton, they are all machine washable including the larger sizes which fit in industrial washing machine.

They can also be dried in driers, keeping them soft and fluffy. They offer great ease of care and use, and look like new, wash after wash!

Unique hardwearing Rugs

The weaving technique and recycled material carefully chosen ensure high quality rugs that last and look like new for a very long time.

This also creates unique rugs! Each rug is different depending on the recycled material available at the time of weaving as well as the artistic taste of each weaver.

Andalucian Rugs © Scandinavian fluffy recycled cotton rugs and cushion and floor cushions - all machine washable
Andalucian Rugs © Small yellow Sencillo Spanish rug handmade with recycle cotton
Andalucian Rugs © Scandinavian fluffy Spanish rug handmade in andalucia with recycled cotton

A rug for every taste and style

Ranging from shower mats and bedside rugs to yoga mats and living room centre pieces, they are all unique and will enhance any living space: from elegant flat weave rugs, perfect for minimalist designs, to rich and lusciously fluffy rugs, ideal to make a room warm and cosy; and from rich colourful rugs to elegant natural shades, there is a rug for every taste and style!

Do not hesitate to contact us for wholesale pricelist and information.

Andalucian Rugs © Cream and black Berbere reversible eco rug handmade in Spain with recycled cotton - machine washable rugs and cushions

What our customers are saying about us

… I received the rugs yesterday in good order and I like them very much! Thank you ever so much for all your help. It was great doing business with you… Best regards and wishing you all the best with your business.

– Yoka, UK

– The rugs arrived yesterday!!! I’m very pleased with them and they look and feel fantastic. Many thanks for your help with everything. Hopefully I will be ordering more in future…

– James, UK
Andalucian Rugs - wholesale suppliers of Jarapas - Spanish handmade rugs
Andalucian Rugs - wholesale suppliers of Jarapas - Spanish handmade rugs