How to select your Jarapa handmade rugs

If you would like to place a rug under a dining or kitchen table, the rug should be about 120 cm longer and wider than your table.

For well used areas such as entrance halls, halls and kitchens, choose the extra hardwearing Sencilla styles, preferably in dark colours.

For dark floors, choose light-coloured or vibrant multicoloured rugs, so that they do not blend in and disappear once in place. For light-coloured flooring, choose rugs in brighter colours in order to enhance your floor surfaces.

Hand-woven in cotton with some polyester and other fibres, these rugs are machine washable on a 30-degree cycle and are therefore ideal if you have pets. In fact, the Mini Doble rugs are often bought as bedding for cats and small dogs – they absolutely love them!

If you don’t like fluffy shaggy rugs and prefer rugs with a soft flat texture, choose from the Sencilla rugs range.

If you love snug fluffed pile rugs, choose from the Doble rugs range.

If you love geometric designs, choose from the Provenzal rugs range.

Both Doble rugs and Provenzal rugs are also ideal as sound proofing! They muffle effectively sounds when used as wall hangings, while adding a cosy feel to the room.

The Mini Doble rugs and Doble 70×130 are also excellent entrance mats, as they absorb mud and any other dirt. You only need to shake them and wash them in your washing machine! Original and elegant entrance mats, they are practical and hardwearing, wash after wash!